Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Reflections~! ^^

It's May! 

I want to thank everyone who has shown their support for Happy Girls Cute Food!

Here is the list of the giveaway winners! ^^

1. Lilian Li

2. Pei Suan Chua

3. Dylan Dianne

I thank everyone who have participated in my giveaway contest. This is my very first time doing such a thing, so I made some mistakes but I've learned from it.

I realised my giveaway contest takes up too much time from my readers and is also quite difficult to understand, but still, some of you participated, so I'm really grateful! I promise my next giveaway would be so much easier to participate! ^^

From everyone's sincere feedback, I also got to understand how I can improve Happy Girls Cute Food.

- I'd set this page up because I wanted to encourage everyone to cook for themselves and their loved ones, but... I didn't realise that some of the ingredients in my recipes may be hard to find. I will now make a list of where you can get the ingredients in Singapore, prices included as much as I can. Another way of doing it is sharing recipes with easy-to-find ingredients all over the world. And one more way is to introduce substitutes for everyone here. ^^ I love Asian food a lot, so bear with me when I share Japanese or Chinese or Thai recipes... >"<

- Readers have also feedbacked to me that although sweets recipes are wonderful, they would like to see a balance of savoury recipes as well. So yes, I'll include more savoury recipes! ^^

- I decided to include step-by-step pictures as much as possible.

Also, let's make May a "Eat Healthy" month, shall we? I will share really easy recipes of salads, juices, soups etc. And during the weekend, maybe some low-sugar, low-fat sweets!

I've also other ideas in my head, and I hope I can make you love Happy Girls Cute Food even more in the month of May!

Thank you!!! :)

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