Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Teochew Steamed Yam Cake

This is really one of my favourite food in Singapore!

It's a Teochew Steamed Yam Cake and it's super super delicious!

We call it 'kueh' actually, and it's made from rice flour instead of your normal kind of flour.

You don't need an oven for this, and you can't go wrong at all if you follow my recipe. ^^

The reason why I made this one night was because I accidentally finished eating the yam cake my mum's friend made for her! Yes!! One whole 6 inch big piece like this! I'm so terrible. -___-" She was upset because you can't buy such delicious wholesome ones outside. You know, chunky yam pieces, mushrooms that were stir-fried till they are super fragrant, generous servings of char siew sprinkled here and there, and the most delicious garnish of lard, crispy baby prawns and freshly chopped spring onions, thinly sliced chilli....

It's really so delicious! 

So I told her, "AHhhh!! This is easy to make. I will make one for you right away."

And I did! Haha! And she loved it!

My version is really simple but delicious all the same! Check out the really simple ingredients. I hope you will attempt to this recipe! ^^

Ingredients (serves 4~6):

- 150g rice flour (soak in 450ml water/vegetable soup/chicken soup for at least 30 minutes before cooking)

- 400g yam (skin removed, diced, and soaked in water)

- 6 pieces of mushroom (rinsed and soaked in hot water until soft enough to dice. You can even use this flavoured water to part of your 450ml water mixture. ^^)


- 4 tablespoons of dried shrimps (soaked in water until soft, washed thoroughly and pounded or diced finely) (optional)

- 3 tablespoons sesame oil
- salt & pepper to taste

- 2 tablespoons of dried shrimps, fried (optional)
- 1 spring onion, cut finely
- 1 red chilli, sliced

1. In a big wok, using medium flame, stir-fry dried shrimps in sesame oil until fragrant.

2. Add in mushrooms and fry for another 3 minutes.

3. Drain diced yam and add to the wok.

4. Fry until yam changes colour.

5. Stir rice mixture till well-blended and pour into wok. Turn to small flame.

6. Add salt and pepper. Mix evenly.

7. Keep stirring the mixture in the wok until mixture thickens.

8. When mixture thickens, turn off fire. Pour mixture into a round or square container for steaming.

9. Steam for about 30 minutes. It's done when your yam is thoroughly cooked. To check, poke a fork into the yam. The yam should break easily.

10. Garnish your steamed yam cake and cut into slices to serve! ^^

Soooo yummy!!! ^^

* You can add in Char siew (Chinese BBQ pork) or chinese sausage or lean meat to your yam cake at Step 2. I had leftover mixture so I tried adding Otah in it to make it a spicy flavour!

I really love eating steamed yam cake. It's not difficult to make, just a lot of preparation work. And even so, the preparation work is mostly cutting and slicing stuff, so it's not difficult. I hope you will try it and impress your family!

You can replace yam with thinly sliced carrots, diced pumpkin, and maybe even sweet potatoes! That'd be interesting! I haven't had Steamed Sweet Potato Cake before! hehe! ^^ I may make it next time!

Where to buy:

1. Rice Flour

You can get it in any supermarkets easily on the Flour shelf.

Do not confuse it with Glutinous Rice Flour! 

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  1. hey ^.^looks very yummy :D what is yumm, is it a root?

  2. hehe! Yes! It's very delicious! And Yam is a kind of root! It's very delicious!

    There are many different kinds of yam. This is the kind that I use:


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