Sunday, 11 March 2012

Make Applesauce~! ^^

To prepare you for my upcoming vegan brownie recipe, let's learn how to make unsweetened applesauce!

You will notice there are so many Granny Smith apples on sale in supermarkets and markets recently. That's great! Grab 'em! They are delicious by themselves, and they taste delicious in pies and sauces too!

Applesauce is a great replacement for oil, shortening and eggs. You can of course buy them easily in supermarkets too, but they cost quite a lot, and you usually have to finish using the whole bottle in a week, or else, some nasty gas will build up and when you open the bottle again, be prepared for a shock of your life. Haha! (Actually, that was pretty cool. Nothing much will happen, until you give it a sniff. The gas actually rushes up your nostrils and can sting you! ^^ )

So, make applesauce by yourself! It's easy!

For my vegan brownie recipe which will yield about 20 brownies, you only need 2 apples and 180ml of water!

Peel and core 2 apples and slice them like this! It's fine to use other kinds of apples too (Fuji apples etc).

That's 180ml of water!

Pour sliced apples and water into large saucepan or a cooking pan like this. Simmer until it boils over low heat. You need to cook them until they are soft. To make this step faster, cover with a lid until it bubbles. You can already smell the aromas of fresh cooked apples~! ^^

When they are soft, puree them in a blender. You can mash them too if you do not have a blender. :) 

Here's your homemade applesauce!

It actually tastes really good like this! Haha! Anyway, you can keep it in a sealed container and use it whenever a recipe calls for it. Store in fridge! ^^

Now, we can stop here since we have our unsweetened applesauce ready~! 

However, if you would like this as a real dessert treat, while cooking the apples, go on and add some sugar, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg to the apple mixture before blending it. Top with some pistachio nuts and it's really a hearty, healthy treat you can enjoy on a cold day. :)


  1. just made this! :D really easy and its good~

  2. yay! hehe! Your comment made me so happy! I love this too! save some for making brownies!!! ^^


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