Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy Girls Cute Food 1st Giveaway! ^^


Kansai was a great place! It was very fun and interesting! And there were many good food!

When I was there, I didn't forget about all you supporters of Happy Girls Cute Food. I feel very grateful towards you all, and I wanted to buy something for you all to show my appreciation!

So, I selected some gifts for you. I kept thinking of what you will like, and I thought, everyone should love food! That's why you are here, right? ^^ I selected some really cute food! Check them out!!! ^^

1. Crunchy Collon waffles filled with fluffy coffee cream! Coffee beans are finely ground and made into cream. Enjoy Kobe Coffee collon with rich coffee fragrance! Only sold in Kansai, and yes you get 6 boxes of them so you can share them with your friends! ^^

2. A delicious and popular chocolate biscuit snack from Meiji! This time, the chocolate is made from Uji Green Tea! Uji is very famous for very good green tea, so I think this will be a great snack! There are 3 packs in this box, so you can enjoy them with your friends and family too! 

3. This is such a funny snack! Do you know the famous Shiroi Koibito cookies from Hokkaido? This is by another manufacturer, Yoshimoto Kogyo, as a parody snack! I saw so many funny ones like Omo-shiroi Koibito (Funny Lover). It's a word play kind of joke. Haha! So anyway, I thought, since I have chosen something from Kobe and something from Uji (Kyoto), I should choose something to represent Osaka too! So, I chose this for you. ^^

Do you like what I've gotten for you all? ^^

I hope you do!

It will be great if Happy Girls Cute Food gets more awareness and supporters. With a bigger committee, it will be more fun, don't you agree?? ^^ I have many big plans for Happy Girls Cute Food which will surely delight you in time to come, but I need a large enough group to convince some people to help me with some work to make Happy Girls Cute Food even better! Doing things alone has its limits after all...

So, if you don't mind, this is the only favour I'm asking from you...

Help me spread the word about Happy Girls Cute Food! Spread them to friends whom you think will like Happy Girls Cute Food too! ^^ You can do it anyway you want, by talking about it to your friends and family; through Facebook, Twitter, or your blog...anything at all would be so appreciated!

Get them to 'like' Happy Girls Cute Food Facebook page, and then send me a message on Facebook! ^^

So a typical Facebook message would be like this:

So, this is how you should make your message:

1. The facebook links of your friends whom you have managed to make 'like' Happy Girls Cute Food page. (Please number them like above example.)

2. Tell me your present preference. I'll try to make sure you get the one you like most if you're picked!

3. You can leave me a message telling me anything you want! Feedback on what you would like to see on Happy Girls Cute Food, encouragements...whatever it is, feel free to tell me. ^^ I will read every single message sent in. 

The deadline for participation ends on 30 April 2012.

The more friends you get to 'like' Happy Girls Cute Food, the higher your chance to win something!

 If Happy Girls Cute Food can get 500 'likes' by 30 April 2012, there will be a 2nd round of giveaway as my way of thanking everyone, and anyone who has participated in this 1st round automatically will be in for the 2nd round!

Winners will be contacted through Facebook~! ^^

So, please help me spread the word, and thank you very much everyone!!! ^^

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